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Our Family

Monday, September 14, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 2

This was a week.  But even when things are hard, God is good all the time and in control when we are not.

 Homeschool was pretty much a bust although we did get a few things done towards the end of the week.

I guess I will start at the beginning.  Monday was Labor Day so we were not planning on doing any school anyway.  I worked on the board and a tree for our fair booth.  Art worked on the roof and the kids swam and played all day.  It was HOT! Late afternoon we headed to the fair with our rabbits and chicken and set up the fair booth.  We ran through McDonalds and headed to soccer practice where the van died.  Seemed to be a battery issue and thankfully some jumper cables and a willing helper got us going again.  Back home both the battery and the alternator tested fine.  The problem was a loose battery cable.
Nick helping with the roof

fair booth
fair booth

Tuesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I had a doctor's appointment for a chronic condition that I have been dealing with for awhile and the things we were trying to deal with her were not helping.  I decided to see a new doctor and see what she suggested.  I didn't think I would be gone very long.  I told the children about an hour and then we would go up to the fair and feed the animals and enter their other entries and have school that afternoon.  But when I got to the office I had this very strange episode that I kind of dizzy, had strange tingling sensations in my hands and feet, felt kind of dizzy, and my heart started racing.  That was the second time that had happened to me in a week.  I was very thankful there was someone in the waiting room that knew me and noticed that something seemed to be wrong and helped me get some help and settled in a back room or I probably would've passed out.  I was at the office for awhile.  EKG came back ok and had blood drawn.  We talked about what had brought me there and got some medicine for that.  Everytime I sat up I was dizzy so I had to have Art come and get me.  He took the rest of the day off and took the kids to enter their stuff and feed animals.  I was in bed all that day.  They think the issue is fluctuations with my blood sugar and hopefully some extra protein and eating at regular intervals will help along with eliminating some stress. It is very scary.

That same dad my dad had surgery.  He had been very hoarse for a long time.  At first they thought allergies then maybe an infection.  But when it didn't get better they looked a little further and found a growth on his voice box.  The doctor said he was certain it was not cancer.  It was.  They removed the mass and dad is recovering well from that.  He goes this week for a PET scan and to meet with an oncologist.  I would appreciate your prayers.
my daddy with the flowers we sent him

Wednesday and Thursday we did get some school done.  My children talked me out of doing math because we had already missed two days.  Wednesday afternoon our preacher came and picked up the children, except for Emelia and took them to Kid's Club.  Art picked them up and took care of feeding animals at the fair.  Thursday the boys had soccer and a friend picked them up and took them so I could stay home.  Friday we were supposed to have archery but decided to stay home.  Saturday I left the house for the first time and we went and cleaned up our fair stuff and took down the booth.  It was very strange because usually we spend a lot of time at the fair and we barely made it up there at all.
Alex decided to climb this tree and then couldn't get down! He figured it out though.

the girls' new shoes came in the mail so of course they needed me to take their picture

Week 2 in Our Homeschool

Bible: We completed lesson 2 of Real Life Press Book of Moses Part One.  I do not like this study as much as I liked Book of Moses Part 2 but we will keep plugging through it.

Read Aloud: We read chapters 5 and 6 of The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans.

Math: Skipped it

Language: Anthony did two lessons in Middlebury Interactive

Reading: Anthony and Christian completed Lesson 37 of All About Reading.  Alex is doing a Progeny Press Guide on Stone Fox.  He started and completed the book.

Grammar: We picked up Fix It! Grammar where we left off last year.  We did Lesson 6 of levels 1 and 2.

Preschool: Finally got to do some preschool on Friday.  Emelia did lesson 16 and part of lesson 17 of Horizon's Preschool.

I am also working on a review of Diana Waring's What In the World audio cd's and we listened to the first one this week.

Happy Homeschooling!

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