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Our Family

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homeschooling is Not the Same as School At Home

Many people think that we homeschool because of a bad school district or that the public school teachers do not do a good job teaching.  That simply is not true.  We homeschool because we want more than a public school education can ever offer our children.  There may be some schools that are considered better than others, but it's the system as a whole that doesn't work.

The Public School System teaches that you are only able to learn up to a certain "level" for your grade and you are not allowed to learn anything beyond that.  They teach that the teacher and the textbook are always right and of much more importance than the parent and the family.  It teaches all subjects from an evolutionary perspective.  They focus all of their importance on test scores and if you don't do well on the test or cannot learn the way they teach then there is something wrong with you.  Their form of "socialization" is a forced association with 20 other children exactly the same age and one adult who cannot see or control what goes on all the time in her classroom.

I want my children to delight in learning, not just between the hours of 8 and 3 Monday through Friday, but all the time.  I want to be able to allow them to pursue their interests and God given talents.  I want them to put God first in everything, learn from a Christian Creationist perspective, and that History is really a study of HIStory.  I want them to know there is so much more to learning than just reading a textbook and knowledge is much more than achieving a high score on a test. I want to provide hands on learning experiences for them to be able to see , touch, feel, and experience.  I want them to learn day to day real life chores and experiences.  When we miss a day of "school" in order to do a community service project or take a field trip, it's not a day of "missing" our schoolwork.  Those are the lessons that teach the most.  I wat family to come first and for my children to be each other's best friends for life.  I want them to know what "real life" is like and that in the "real world" you associate with people of all ages and backgrounds.  

 I really could keep going on and on, but my computer time is almost up!  I found this yesterday on Facebook and wanted to share it here as well for those of you who are not on Facebook or have not liked The Happy Homeschool Mom.  It came from Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling and I thought it said it perfectly.

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