Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fishing Fun

Monday morning I headed outside with the baby and Anthony was all excited because he had been playing in the dirt and had dug up a bunch of worms.  That is exciting when you are a six year old boy, but even more so at our house because it has been so dry here it's been forever since they had seen worms (so thankful for the rain!)  Anthony asked if I could please, please get on my phone and ask daddy if we could go fishing after work.  We couldn't go on Monday, but daddy said we could go Tuesday right after work.  The worms did not make it after the boys played with them for a few hours, but they spent hours catching crickets and grasshoppers to use as bait.

It was 97 degrees on yesterday!  We ate supper and drove over to the lake.  By 5:40 we were out there and the children were casting their poles in the water.  I have the easy job of keeping Emelia out of trouble.  My wonderful husband has the toughest job of getting all of their poles ready and in the water and dodging hooks.  It was hot but there was a little breeze.  The children fished for about 40 min (except for Lily who lasted almost 20) and then we went over to the swimming area for about 45 minutes.  No fish were caught but a good time was had by all, although we did come back minus a pair of shoes.  In case you are wondering where Chelsea is, she is in Dallas at Six Flags and missed out on fishing, but I'm sure she is having a great time!

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