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Our Family

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4 H Healthy Snacks Workshop

Today was the 2 hour 4 H Healthy Snacks workshop for children ages 5-12.  There was supposed to be a $5 charge per child, but because of some donations it was free!  To start out the workshop, the children played some games while talking about the different food groups and how many servings of each group was appropriate for their ages.  They used the My Plate visuals and learned about what makes a healthy meal.  Then they got ready to make the snacks.  They also talked about exercise.  The children were divided into 4 different groups and each group was sent to a different station and as they finished they got to eat what they made and move on to another station.  The 4 snacks we made were: Fun in the Sun Banana Split, Lemon Berry Smoothie, Very Veggie Snack Pizza, and Cool Quesa.  There definitely was a great variety of Healthy Snacks and something for everyone.  Even Anthony who was not that excited about a Healthy Snacks workshop and did not think he wanted to participate managed just fine with the banana split and a Cheese Quesadilla. There were teen helpers at each station that did the food prep and helped the children, but each child got to do most of the work and made their own snacks.  Even Lily who is not even old enough for 4 H yet but has to tag along to all of the activities got to participate and make her snacks  (she really doesn't know that she is not old enough for 4 H.)   Chelsea was one of the teen helpers and liked the pizza the best.  Nick, Lily, and Christian liked the banana splits the best.  Anthony liked the Quesadilla and Alex just could not decide.

Each of the children also got two bags to take home with them.  One of the bags contained the recipes we made today, information on My Plate, two magazines with healthy kid friendly recipes, information for packing healthy lunches on the go, stickers, a pencil and notebook, bookmark and a bracelet.  The other bag had a water bottle and a pedometer.  My children loved getting the bags of stuff as much as making and eating the food.  A big bonus for mom was that I did not have to make lunch today!  Fun educational, free, we got goodies to take home, and we got fed!  Yay for 4 H!

Fun in the Sun Banana Split

1/4 cup fat free vanilla ice cream or non fat plain or flavored yogurt
1/2 medium banana
1/4 cup crushed pineapple
1/4 cup strawberries
2 TBSP sweetened whole grain cereal
1/2 tsp shredded coconut

Slice banana lengthwise and place in bowl.  Scoop ice cream and put in the middle and add toppings.  Serves 1.

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