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Thursday, December 15, 2011

TOS Review: World's Greatest Stories

From the website: " The World's Greatest Stories are an award winning series of Bible stories that make the actual words of Scripture leap off the page and into the hearts of children of all ages.  Children love the stories and listen to them over and over again often memorizing the entire CD."

The texts of all the Bible stories are taken word for word from the Bible and brought to life by the voice of dramatic storyteller George W. Sarris.  Carefully chosen music and sound effects are also added in making the end result a very exciting story that comes straight from the words of Scripture.

The current audio series contains 23 different stories on 6 different CDs or Cassettes with a listening time of approximately 1 hour for each one.  Each volume is available in either NIV or KJV.  The cost of each volume is $7.95.  Shipping is free if you order 6 or more items.  To order click here.

Volume 1 The Prophets: The Blazing Furnace, The Handwriting on the Wall, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, The Prophecy of Jonah

Volume 2 The Life of Christ: The Real Story of Christmas, The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus, The Healing of the Blind Man, Things Jesus Said and Did, The Real Story of Easter

Volume 3 Beginnings: In the Beginning, A Lame Man in Lystra, A Jailor in Philippi, The Story of Ruth, The Raising of Lazarus

Volume 4 Joshua and Esther: The Battle of Jericho, The Book of Esther

Volume 5 Joseph and His Brothers

Volume 6 Defeating Giants: David and Goliath, Namaan the Leper, Micaiah the Prophet and Jehosaphat the King, The Sacrifice of Isaac, Gideon and His 300 Men

We received a complimentary copy of the NIV version of The Prophets on CD to use and review.  I was very impressed that instead of being another interpreted Bible Story, these stories come directly from the Bible.  Mr. Sarris is a very powerful story teller and brings the words from the pages of your Bible directly into your living room.  The music and sound effects were an excellent compliment to the storytelling.The timing of receiving this CD was very good for us because we were studying Elijah in History and the CD made a great addition to our study.

On the website it mentions that appropriate ages for these stories  is 4 and up.  I did want to mention that the storytelling is a little intense on the CD that we received (if you know any of the stories you know what I mean) and may be scary for little ones.  You can listen to a sample audio clip of any of the CDs by clicking here and selecting which version you would like to listen to.

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I received a complimentary copy of Volume 1 of World's Greatest Stories for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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