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Our Family

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homeschooling When the Teacher is Sick

Thankfully I don't get sick very often (not counting of course all the many months of morning sickness with my last 3 children.)  But, for the last several days I have had a nasty bug complete with tummy troubles, fever, chills, and body aches.  Not fun to say the least.  My children have done a pretty good job helping out by making their own meals and feeding the younger children, chasing after Emelia, and bringing me cans of 7 up.  I have been on the couch since Sunday with the exception of the little bit of cleaning I made myself get up and do on Monday.   Really praying no one else in the house catches this.

We still have gotten our schoolwork done, just a little different than we normally would.  I have done all of our Bible, History, and Science readings from the couch and we did not do any experiments or projects to go along with the reading.  We did skip our read aloud because I was just not up for it.  We also listened to World's Greatest Stories (review coming soon) that went along with our History lesson about Elijah the fiery prophet.  Another review that we have coming up is Swan Lake from Maestro Music and it was the perfect opportunity to pop it in and listen to it while I was not feeling well. We did take a break from languages this week but will get back to it next week.

The children have been doing their afternoon Math and Writing the same as always (we were reviewing and I didn't have to teach).  I will admit that Alex has missed two days of Spelling, but instead he read 4 stories out of his reader all by himself during spelling time!  That is  a huge accomplishment!  He also wrote a story all by himself.  Some of the letters are backwards and words are spelled wrong but you can read and understand his story and just that he even tried to write it is a big deal. 

The best advice I have for homeschooling when the teacher is sick is that it is ok to get out of your regular routine for a few days.  Pop in an audiobook, turn on an educational DVD (getting ready to do that right now), postpone the Science project.  Keep it simple and easy until the teacher is back on her feet. 

How do you homeschool when the teacher is sick?
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