Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Spring Break

I had to post some cute pictures of the baby. You know you wanted to see some!

Emelia in her new bouncy seat

Lily and Emelia

I had already decided that whenever the baby came, we would have a week off of school for Spring Break. That decision was reinforced when she was born on Friday, we came home on Saturday, my parents left on Sunday, Art went back to work Monday morning, and I was left to re cooperate and take care of the children. I knew I would not be able to handle doing "school" too. We also had 3 children with coughs and runny noses and one of them with a low grade temp. So we had a very lazy week. I will admit that we watched a lot more TV than we usually do and the children got some extra video game time. The boys did do a little school work that they requested. There is a website we are in the process of reviewing that they like so much they play it everyday. Starting tomorrow we will be back to our regular schedule.

I was very blessed that some very sweet friends of mine took the time to prepare and bring us supper. It was a huge blessing to me and came just when I needed it the most. It is no small thing to prepare food for us either. First of all there are a lot of us to feed, and second we live 20 minutes outside of town. It is wonderful to have such great friends.

Emelia is doing great! She is a wonderful baby who has a sweet disposition. She spends most of her time sleeping even at night she wakes up only to eat then goes right back to sleep. Christian and Lily wish she would do more and be able to play with them. She will be into their stuff before they know it!
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