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Our Family

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4-H Cooking Contest

Yesterday was our first day back from our "Spring Break." We had a very productive school day and added to it was baking. It was our annual 4-H Breads Contest with a little change. This year it was a bread/cookie contest. Each child could enter up to three recipes in different categories. They could choose from:drop cookies, bar cookies, cut out cookies, quick breads, specialty breads, muffins, or yeast breads. I told my children they could enter 2 items, but only Nick ended up making two. It can be quite a production in our house to prepare food for these contests and I am thankful we have the whole day unlike many of our friends who go to Public School. I was very impressed with my boys and their teamwork in getting everything ready and set up while I was feeding the baby, and with my daughter and her clean up efforts when we were all finished (can you imagine the amount of dishes we had to wash?) Usually we make the recipes, drop them off at the designated time, and go back an hour later for judging and rewards. But, I was not ready to leave the house yet or to take the baby out and did I mention that I had another child running fever.....so their daddy took them to drop off their recipes and we called this morning to find out how they did.

Alex entered the Drop Cookie category and made Monster Cookies. He earned a Participation Ribbon.

Nick entered the Bar Cookie Category, made Candy Bar Brownies and earned a First Place Ribbon. He also made Yeast Rolls in the Bread Machine and earned a First Place Ribbon.

Chelsea entered the Cut Out Cookie category, made Chocolate Mint Pillows (made with Andes Mints) and won a Second Place Ribbon.

I am very proud of all my little bakers and wish I had some pictures to upload, but I had my hands full baking, carrying Emelia, and keeping Lily out of the M&M's. I will be posting the recipes later in the week.
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