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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homeschooling With A Newborn

Emelia on the quilt her Nana made for her

I recently wrote this post for the Blog Cruise on Homeschooling While Pregnant or With a Newborn that talked about tips for homeschooling moms during this season of their life. So, how is it going in my house homeschooling with a newborn again? As I talked about before, we really simplify homeschooling when we have a newborn. We do a LOT of reading, workbooks (for Math), computer, and educational videos. Emelia sleeps a lot (the best sleeper I have ever had) and I will confess I hold her quite a bit (especially now that she has a cold and breathes better sitting up) so she is with us when we are homeschooling. I can read quite easily while nursing or holding a sleeping baby, so none of that has interrupted our school schedule at all. I am a little sleep deprived (not just from the baby but also Lily has not been sleeping well because of her ear infection) and did have to apologize to the children today when I kept yawning while reading aloud this morning. When Lily lays down for her nap, I take Emelia and lay on the couch and rest while the older children have their Wii/computer time. Even though I don't really get to sleep, even resting for a few minutes makes a big difference.

Mostly we have been working on Reading, Math, Science, History, and Bible. We also have several review items that we are using including a fun and educational website that has been taking up the boys' computer time. Chelsea of course being older has a few other subjects to cover and works pretty much independently. We have been trying to keep our schedule pretty consistent and have been getting started at 9:30, breaking at 11:00 for lunch and "recess " starting back up at 12:30 for their independent work and getting everything done by 2. A couple of days Chelsea has taken a little longer because she had to wait to be able to use the TV to complete her work.

As far as the rest of the house, the chores that are absolutely necessary are getting done right now. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming has to be done at least once a day and are getting done. Things like cleaning closets although it really needs to get done are not high on the priority list right now and are not going anywhere. If you were to drop in on me, I can guarantee there will be toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, and laundry that needs to get put away (unless you come that one time a day when the house is clean!) and that's OK. We are going to enjoy the time we have snuggling our new baby and spending time with the older children and not be stressed out trying to keep everything perfect.
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