Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elementary Curriculum for This Year

Our school year will not be officially starting until the 2nd or 3rd week of August. I already posted Chelsea's 9th grade Curriculum here. Nick will be in 3rd grade and Alex in 1st. Anthony will be 5 in July and Christian 3 so they will be tag alongs on some projects and I am going to put together some workboxes for them to keep busy during "school" hours (more on that another time.) Lily is one and half so keeping her out of some of our projects this year may be a bit challenging. Here is what we are using for Nick and Alex:

Science: Abeka 3rd grade Discovering God's World. I am using this text with both boys instead of doing a separate text for 1st and 3rd

History: American History Study starting with the Revolutionary War Time Travelers CD from Homeschool in the Woods

Math: Abeka 1st and 3rd

Language Arts and Spelling (3rd grade) Abeka
Hooked on Phonics Reading (1st grade)

Handwriting: Peterson Directed Handwriting. I had not picked a handwriting program yet and just found out that I will be reviewing this one for TOS.

Art: Visual Manna ABC's of Art
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