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Our Family

Friday, May 8, 2009

Nick's Story

Dictation is a wonderful way for very young children or those who are not confident writers to tell a story. It is pretty easy. They tell the story and you write it down for them. Today, Nick (7)dictated this story to Chelsea and she typed it for him.

The Rise of the Dark Side

My name is Annakin Skywalker and this is my story.

On Mustafar the lava planet.
Lord Sidious sent me here.
Lord Sidious is now my master.
There is a Seperatist base on this planet.
My old master has come to fight me.
He will attempt to destroy me but he will fail.
We both ignite our lightsabers.
They clash and the fight has begun.
He jumps onto a ledge and I run after him.
The light sabers clash once more and Obi-wan falls off.
A second later I follow him.
As his saber swoops up I jump over him.
More parrying and I am pushed to the edge of an island.
With no other choice I jump over him a second too late.
One slash and my legs and one of my arms are gone.
Obi-wan my former master leaves.

My master comes later and rebuilds my body.

I am now Darth Vader!
The dark side has risen!
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