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Our Family

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being Stuck in a Lunch Rut

Are you ever stuck in a lunch rut? Every day I hear these words," What's for lunch?" Often my answer is sandwiches and all the children reply, "Again?"

It is hard to make a variety of lunches that are quick, easy, and nutritious without busting the lunch budget. But, I have been working on this because as much as they hate to eat the same thing day after day, so do I. Here are some of the different things we have been putting on our lunch menu to add a little bit of variety. All of these lunches can be served with fresh fruit and/ or veggies to complete the meal.

1. Leftovers make great lunches. Usually we make Art's lunch first and if there are still extra we eat them the next day. When I am making certain meals like pasta dishes I make extra when preparing dinner so we will have enough for everyone to eat for lunch the next day.

2. Homemade pizza is a wonderful lunch and inexpensive. We eat pizza every Friday for supper and once a week for lunch. You can easily change toppings to create variety (if your kids like different toppings) or change the type of pizza you make. We make personal pan pizzas, muffin pizzas, and tortilla pizzas to add variety.

3.Baked Potatoes are filling and inexpensive. Changing toppings can add some variety to this simple lunch.

4. Bagels and cream cheese. Something a little different if you don't already eat them for breakfast.

5. Sandwiches are a quick and easy fix for lunch. To add some variety you can change the type of sandwiches or what kind of bread you are using. We like to use flour tortillas for something different, or you could use pita breads, wraps, bagels, etc.. Another option my children like is when I put different kinds of lunch meat on the table with cheese and crackers. They love making cracker sandwiches, or spearing their meat and cheese with toothpicks. Another great sandwich option is to make home-made Hot-Pockets.

6. Mac and cheese is an old stand-by at our house and we usually eat it once a week.

7.Pancakes and waffles. Who says breakfast is just for breakfast? We usually eat breakfast for supper once a week and I also make pancakes or waffles for lunch too. The children love breakfast foods and they are quick and easy to make.

8. Salads. Chelsea and I love to eat salad for lunch. We don't very often because the boys do not agree and are not big lettuce fans.

9. Homemade soups are delicious, nutritious, and inexpensive. There is nothing better on a cold day than to have warm soup for lunch.

10. Eggs. Since we have chickens, we have plenty of eggs. French toast, scrambled eggs, omelette's, and egg salad all make wonderful choices for lunch.

These are some of my suggestions for adding variety to the lunch menu. i would love to hear some of your favorite lunch choices too!
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