Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning Project: Homemade Playdough

Today we decided to make homemade playdough. Here is the recipe out of the book I can Make a Rainbow by Marjorie Frank.

In a mixing bowl mix:

2 cups flour

2 cups salt

1/2 cup (or more) hot water (we had to use 1 cup)

1 tablespoon powered alum

Add a teaspoon of cooking oil and some food coloring if you want clored dough.

To let them harden let them dry for several days, or put them in 350oven for 3 hours.

You can keep leftover dough in the refrigerator in a platic bag.

The kids had great fun with this. Pretty soon we were sculpting snowmen, snakes, snowducks, a pod droid (star wars), snakes, pizza, all of the characters from Peep, etc...

I can Make a Rainbow has a lot of neat crafts and projects for kids from preschool through elementary. It is a really neat book.

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