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Friday, November 8, 2019

Homeschool Crew Review: CrossTimber- Name Meaning Gifts

Amazing Names by CrossTimber

Back in 2016 we had an opportunity to do a review for CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts.  CrossTimber offers many different types of personalized gifts that give the meanings of names and a Bible verse to go along with the name.  For this review we were offered a new product from CrossTimber, Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name!

Your  Amazing Name is a 28 minute cartoon video that is personalized for your child and teaches them about what God says about names and what their own name means.  In the video they travel to the moon to meet some stars in the sky, to a tree to visit Mr. Owl, and to a field to visit a shepherd named Rescued to learn about names.  They are guided on their journey by a pencil names Benjamin. During the video the child's name is said over 20 times and there name appears in other places in the video such as in the bedroom on the suitcase, the blocks, and the pillows.   

To order the video, parents fill out a short form providing the information such as the spelling of the name, and parents names, what type of background for the plaque,  and also attach a photo of a piece of the child's artwork to be featured in the video, and a picture of the child.  Parents also type a short letter to the child that is read to them during the video.  Your video is delivered via live stream in HD video over a secure server and can be watched on computers, tablets, or phones.  You also have the option to a order a physical DVD.  You also can choose to purchase name plaques that will match the one that is shown in the video. 

I had the Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! made for my youngest daughter Emelia Rose (age 8.)  The process for turning in the information to make the video was very simple although I did make my personalized letter too long and had to shorten it and resubmit it. Attaching the photos was easy I just took a picture of her artwork on my phone and used a photo of her I had taken recently.  

When the video arrived via email we watched it together.  Emmie loved all of the personalized things in the bedroom.  She was so excited to see  her own painting in the video (but was not very happy when it was drawn on to turn it into the rocket.)  She thought the stars and shepherd were cute and understands the message behind the video that every name and person is special and important to God.  She liked being able to see her name meaning and verse and loved that the end of the video showed a picture of her.  The animation is geared more for younger children.  Emmie though it took a bit too long to get to her name meaning.  The video quality is excellent.  Even with our iffy country internet we had no problems streaming the video.

Here are a couple of shots of Emmie's video. 

The first one came from Mr. Owl's tree when he was talking about history of names.

This is the personalized plaque with the meaning of Emelia's name and her Bible verse from Galations 6:9.

And the picture of Emmie at the end of the video.

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