Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our Week in Review (July 25th-31st)

It has been a busy week!

Anthony had a birthday on Monday.  My little man is growing up so fast!  Anthony was my biggest baby.  He weighed 9lbs 5 oz and was 22 in long.  He had a great birthday.  His birthday requests were pizza and chocolate cake.  Love that he is so easy to please and so happy with everything!

I had to get my teeth cleaned on Tuesday.  I took advantage of the fact that I was in town without the children and met my husband for lunch.  It was our first date in 6 months.

That afternoon the boys had a STEM Club 4 H meeting.  The topic was bridges.  They built bridges out of straws to see what type of bridge could hold the most weight (pennies.)  They also got a homework assignment to build a bridge using nothing but 100 popsicle sticks and elmers glue and bring it to the next meeting in October.

Thursday was my club's 4 H meeting.  It was going to be at the park but it was storming so we had to move it inside.  We did science experiments with candy.

Friday is our grocery and errand day, and pizza and a movie night.

Saturday Nick, Alex and Art went and picked up our new camper.  We have wanted one for a very long time, since we sold our motor home in 2009.  We got a good deal on this one, it sleeps 8 people, and is light enough for my van to tow.  The children can't wait to go camping!

After church on Sunday we had a potluck and homemade ice cream contest.  Alex made his special ice cream that won the golden scoop award last year.  He was the only entry this year and won for the second year in a row.

For school this week we.......

Finished up the first level for Foreign Language for Kids by Kids.

Started the second module of WAY Comes Home.

Completed 3 lessons of VeriatasBible.com on Hannah and Eli.

Started Chapter 1 of Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition- We read the chapter, made a bookmark, made a minibook, completed some copywork, and made a model of the solar system using balloons.

Lily started lesson 2 of Jolly Grammar.  She did a spelling test using Can Do Cubes instead of writing the words down and did one page of activities for lesson 2.  Emmie did one page of Jolly Phonics.

Emmie also completed her unit on S for Sun in MFW A to Z.  She completed her worksheets, made raisins from grapes, painted a sun, made her sun badge, and learned about Jesus being the light of the world.  We did not make the sun dial because of all the rain this week.  Our book for this unit was Moonbear's Shadow.

I found these sun catcher scratch art on clearance for .99 at Christianbook.com when I was buying my curriculum and added them to my order.  The girls loved them.

Christian and Anthony are hard at work on more stop motion videos.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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