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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

In their original book, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison explained their Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and shared many recipes with their readers. This companion cookbook contains more than 350 eat up and slim down recipes.  This cookbook is paperback and has 512 pages.  Suggested retail price is $27.99. In it you will find:

Crockpot Meals
Family Skillet Meals
Quick Skillet Meals
Family Soups
Quick Single Soups
Oven Dishes
Oven Baked or Roasted Meats
Extra Skillet Stuff
Family Salads
Quick Single Salads
Breads and Pizza Crusts
Good Morning Eggs
Good Morning Grains
Pancakes, Waffles, Crepes, and Donuts
Quick Single Recipes
Family Muffins
Quick Single Serve Cakes
Brownies and Cookies
Pie, Cheesecakes, and Cobblers
Sweet Bowls
Frozen Treats
Candies and Bars
All Day Sippers
Shakes, Smoothies, Frappas, and Thin Thicks
Hot Drinks
More Drinks
Chips, Crackers, and Dips
Condiments and Extras

You can purchase the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook here.

Check out the Trim Healthy Mama page here.

Read more about the authors here.

The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is packed full of recipes in a variety of categories.  It also has recipes that will work work for one of two people or that will feed a crowd.  The recipes are well written with easy to follow directions and there are color photos throughout the cook book.  In the front of the cook book you will find a brief introduction to the plan and explanations of some of the specialty ingredients, but it is recommended that you first read Trim Healthy Mama in order to get the most out of the book.

The biggest challenge to using the cookbook is that although they say that you do not need to go out and buy a lot of specialty ingredients (these recipes in the book are labeled NSI), many of the recipes do need specialty ingredients that may be hard to substitute especially if you live in a small town with only one grocery store.  Trim Healthy Mama sells the ingredients on their website. They do list a few ingredients that they feel are the best to start out with: on plan sweetener, Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend, Pristine Whey Protein, and Just Gelatin but it will require a bit of an investment for even the basics.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.

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