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Our Family

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 23

Even as I count down the weeks of our school year writing these wrap up posts it doesn't seem possible that we have already completed 23 weeks of school this year! And yet some moments (like listening to a young reader read aloud or waiting for your child to complete their math assignment) seem to drag on forever!

23 weeks completed.  As much as we have accomplished so far, there are always things that we do not get to.  Some lessons take much longer than I have planned.  Sometimes children do not learn things as easily as I expect them to.  Sometimes real life just gets in the way of book learning.  I think as we go about our days it becomes so easy to ficus on all the things we didn't do. Even when it seems like we haven't done enough school or gotten all the chores finished we really have done more than we think. I choose to try and focus on the accomplishments rather than the things that were left undone and I bet if you look at all of the things you've done instead of what you thought you should've done, you'll be amazed too!  And friends even when you do get as much school work done as you think you should when real life gets in the way. I promise your children are learning through every experience even more than we ever realize!

Week 23 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did 2 days of yoga and 2 days of Family Time Fitness.
Funky the Monkey joined us for yoga 

Bible: We completed lesson two of Grapevine Studies The Resurrection.

Read Aloud: We read 4 chapters of Corrie Ten Boom Keeper of Angel's Den

History: In The Mystery of History Vol IV we completed lessons 61-63 on WWII Part 3, WWII Part IV, and The Start of the Cold War.  These lessons were a bit more lengthy then usual as there was a lot to discuss.  Instead of completing the history lessons in 2 days, we needed 3 days to get everything done.  Honestly you could spend a lot longer if you were doing the additional activities and supplemental suggestions. After the readings the boys completed their worksheets, timeline figures, and memory cards. They also completed a map of WW II battles.

Science: Nick and Alex completed the first lesson in Intro to Archaeology and Geology from Master Books.

My Father's World Adventures: This week we learned about Robert Fulton and the first steam powered boat.  We completed Indiana and Mississippi in our state study.  In science we talked about juice and did an experiment squeezing different types if juice out of different fruits.  Our read aloud is still On The Banks of Plum Creek.

Math: Everyone completed lesson 22 in their books.  Math time is my hardest time of day, especially on Mondays after they have watched the new video.  It seems they all want to ask questions at the same time every week! I remind them often that there is only one of me and that they have to be patient while I am working with someone else.  Nick rarely needs help.  He watches the Algebra 1 videos and works out the problems on his own, consulting the teacher's manual if he has a problem.  I do ask if he has any questions or needs help but so far he has managed to do most of it on his own.

Art: I read a lesson on Expressionism to the four younger children and left out their supplies again this week.  They were supposed to do a painting of an animal in a background.  They did very good work!  The project I picked out for next week is going to require some help from me and it is going to be messy, but I think they will enjoy it.




Grammar/Writing/Literature: No writing this week.  The main reason I have been leaving it out is because of the review we are working on for reading/spelling/grammar.  It takes longer than our regular reading/spelling so we have not had time to do writing as well.  We completed lesson 25 of Fix It! Grammar.  Alex completed lesson 3 in LLALT.

Reading/Spelling: Alex finished lesson 20 in The Phonetic Zoo.  Lily finished lessons 4,5, and 6 in AAR Level 2.  I am working on a review of Logic of English Essentials 2nd Edition with Anthony and Christian has been helping us do parts of it and learning the lessons along with Anthony.

Horizon's Preschool: Emmie completed lesson 113. I am just picking and choosing things for her to do.  Not completing the whole lesson.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday was gymnastics.

Wednesday was Kid's Club.
We were trying to keep the baby from crying by blowing bubbles the others were entertained as well!

Friday we went to the park for lunch and to play with some friends before grocery shopping and running errands.  The children decided to play in the sand put and built some sand castles.

We are going to be doing a review of Stopmotion Explosion.  Our kit came on Friday right before we headed out for the day.  We opened it yesterday, loaded the software, and started reading through the book.  Anthony made a short stopmotion film called LEGO Pizza Making which I think was great for his first attempt!  Today he has been working all afternoon to make things for his next movie.  His creativity amazes me!

The work on the bathroom stalled after last Saturday. The tub we had bought had a crack in it and Art could not take it back until Friday after work.  They did not have any more in stock so we are still without a new tub.  This weekend the boys have been doing the roof.  The shingles have been in the shop for a long time but every Saturday that Art has been home it has rained.  The bathroom will be a work in progress after we are able to get the tub!
the girls dressed as ninjas one day Emmie said she was Ninja Baby

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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