Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What We Are Up To

The next two weeks are going to be very busy for us.  This week is VBS at our church Mon-Fri from 9-12. I am taking care of the Pre-K (of course.)  VBS means up and out of bed early every morning and hopefully some quiet afternoons.  We enjoy VBS every year and I am so glad I am able to volunteer, but it also makes me thankful that I do not have to drag all the children out of bed and rush them out the door every morning!

Wednesday, we are not going to be able to go to VBS.  Chelsea is attending a 4 H camp in Little Rock and we have to drive her up there.  I am planning on leaving early in the morning because it is a LONG drive, and so we can go to the Discovery Museum for a couple of hours while we are there.  Our passes to Mid America allow us to get into The Discovery Museum for free.  We have never been there before but I know the children will enjoy it!  We can grab some food throug a drive though, drop Chelsea off, and then hopefully the girls will nap on the way home.

After VBS on Friday, we are going on a short tent camping trip.

The next Tuesday is district 4 H competition for Nick, Alex, and Chelsea.

The next day Chelsea leaves for Quad County Camp for 3 days.

Whew!  I get tired just thinking about it!

We have several great review products we are working on for the Schoolhouse Review Crew during "school time" at home.  We have been spending time outside in the mornings and doing our work right after lunch.  Some of the things we are working on include:

Birdcage Press
Memoria Press- Prima Latina
Moving Beyond the Page: Ben and Me & Electricity and Magnetism
Dig It!: Mayan Mysteries
Science For High School: Physical Science
Susan K. Marlow Books: Tunnel of Gold
Homeschool Programming: Kid Coder Visual Basic Series

Plus I am reviewing a soft cover Homeschool Yearbook from Picaboo Yearbooks.  I have been working on it this week and it has been a LOT of fun!  I also have a review for Christi the Coupon Coach that will be posting in July.

Our garden is growing!  I have big sunflowers, tomatoes, and pinto beans growing.  Plus a few stalks of corn, lettuce, the squash is flowering, and a few watermelon plants have come up.  Not bad for a first garden!

The chickens are growing.  A raccoon dragged two of the chicks we hatched through the wire under the pen and ate them.  We know it was a raccoon because he left his tracks behind.  We have a leg trap set up and hopefully will catch him before he gets another free chicken dinner!

I guess I better get away from this computer and get some things ready for tomorrow!

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