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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 35

It's a wrap!  Our 2017/2018 school year has come to a close!  We will work on some things over the summer such as reviews (I just got some great items to review and will get more over the summer), reading, and math.  But our schedule is very different in the summer and we only work on school stuff for a brief period of time every day.

Nick finished his class at public school on Friday.  I cannot believe how fast the year went by.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I was counting down the first semester.  He had a good experience (I am planning on writing a post about our experience with the Tim Tebow Law in Arkansas) and will be taking one class each semester next year.  He will not have to choose his class until the schedule comes out sometime in July.
1st and last day of school pictures

Not exactly what I had in mind when I told Alex I needed a photo

Week 35 in our Homeschool

Bible: We finished Vol 3 of Answers For Kids and completed 4 lessons in Vol 4.  At the end of the week I received some review products from Bible Study Guide For All Ages that we will be working on over the summer.

History: We finished Vol 2 of America's Story.  Each Vol is designed to take a year, but we finished 2 Volumes this year.  There are 3 Volumes in the series.  I have not decided for sure if we will do Vol 3 for the first semester next year or if we will just jump right into The Mystery of History Vol 1.

Art: We made initials using gold origami paper and construction paper.

Math: Emmie finished MLFLE Level 1!! I am going to order her Level 2 to start working on a bit over the summer.  Lily has about 30 lessons left in Level 3 and Christian has about 90 lessons left.  It is set up for 5 days a week and we only work 4 days.  Christian is more behind because we stopped working on it for awhile while we concentrated on memorizing multiplication.  I am planning on ordering Level 4 for Lily for next year, but I am still undecided on what to use for Christian.  Anthony is almost finished with Lesson 2 in Critical Thinking Co Pre-Algebra, and Alex finished lesson one in MUS Pre-Algebra.  Nick completed MUS Algebra 2.  He will be doing MUS Pre-Calculus next year.
Found this in Nick's math book.  Very unNick like

Language Arts: Emmie is working on Explode the Code Book One and will work on that over the summer.  Lily started Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing (same as Saxon Math.) We only did the first lesson since it did not arrive until Thursday but so far it looks good.  She will be using it a couple of days a week through the review period and if all goes well will pick it back up in the fall.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday was the last day of gymnastics until fall.

Wednesday ballet was cancelled and Thursday the piano teacher was sick so we did not go to lessons. 

Which meant I had three days in a row that I didn't leave the house! Liam and Chelsea stopped by on Thursday.
this poor car has made it through Anthony, Christian, Lily, Emmie, and now Liam!

Christian was working on a picture of a LEGO set he designed for a photo contest.  He couldn't get it to look just right though so went back to reshoot.  When he got everything set up, a rain storm blew in from nowhere and he never did get to get the photo!

Nick and Christian spent some time practicing BB shooting for the 4 H competition coming up in a few weeks.

For months Nicholas has been looking for some Netherland Dwarf rabbits to raise and breed.  Right before Easter we found some but there was a misunderstanding between the husband and wife.  I spoke to the husband who said he would hold them for me until we could drive up there (2.5 hours away and I had to wait for Nick to get home) but the wife had someone show up and sold them(they did catch us before we left.)   So they promised me the pick of their next born at the end of May and $10 off the rabbits to make up for the misunderstanding. Well long story short a litter died and something else happened so all they had was one rabbit to sell us instead of 2 but told me they should have more before the first of July.  Art drove up with Alex (Nick was at work) to get the boy rabbit (which ended up being $20 more then I was told not less!) before they could sell it to someone else. We got him home safely.  In the meantime I found another lady (2 hours away in a different direction) that breeds Netherland Dwarves and she has an 8 week old female.  Nick and Chelsea are going to get her on Tuesday.

Rocket a blue Netherland Dwarf

Our swimming pool was ready to go today and the children spent hours in it!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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