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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review: A Royal Christmas Wedding By Rachel Hauck

Book Description "Avery Truitt aches for true love—the kind she once shared with Prince Colin. Can she dare to hope for happily ever after, or is a fairy-tale ending beyond reach?

College volleyball star Avery Truitt has not seen her former flame, Prince Colin of Brighton Kingdom, since he suddenly pushed her away five years ago. But now, the sadness of losing her father and the joy of her sister Susanna’s pregnancy have brought Avery back to Brighton just in time for Cathedral City’s enchanting Christmas season. Avery knows she can’t avoid seeing Colin—now the Kingdom’s most eligible bachelor—whether or not her heart is ready to relive the pain. But seeing him again might bring her the closure she needs after all this time.

When Colin finds himself at the center of a centuries-old Brighton tradition, he must decide whether to follow the path laid out before him or follow his heart to the only woman for whom he would ring the Pembroke Chapel Bell. Can Colin convince Avery to meet him at the chapel on Christmas morning—as tradition dictates—or will Avery run back to her St. Simons home and pursue a coaching career as planned?"

Who does not love a royal fairy tale?  A Royal Christmas Wedding is the 4th and last book in the Royal Wedding Series.  This series takes us to the imaginary (but completely real and believable) kingdoms of Brighton and Hessenburg.  Once Upon a Prince (Book 1) tells the story of Susanna Truitt and Prince Nathaniel. Princess Ever After (Book 2) is about the Grand Duchy of Hesseneburg and Regina Beeswick's struggle to go from a Tallahassee Car Queen to a Royal Princess. In How to Catch a Prince  (Book 3), Corina del Ray and Prince Stephen were torn apart by the tragedy of war but are thrown back together with a bit of divine intervention.  A Royal Wedding (Book 4) is Avery Truitt and Prince Colin's story.  You could read each of these as stand alone novels, but it is worth reading the complete series.  Each of these stories are outstanding!

We met Avery and Colin in Book One in the beginning of a sweet, young romance.  But they were too young to fall in love, or so most people would say. Five years later they both have grown up and moved on.  They both have new hopes and dreams for the future.  But when Avery goes to Brighton Kingdom for the holidays they are back in each other's lives again.  Colin and Avery both have plans for the future that do not include each other.  Will they follow the path that had been set or follow their hearts? It is a sweet story of love, and hope, and trust.  It is a story of joy even when there is sadness.  It is a story of faith.

I loved it.  It was a beautiful story and absolutely the best ending to a series that I have ever read!

I highly recommend A Royal Wedding Series and any other book by Rachel Hauck.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance to the FTC regulations. 

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