Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Sunshine Award!

I was given this Blog Award a few weeks ago from Dawn at Guiding Light Homeschool a few weeks ago. Can you believe I started writing the post, then never published it? I discovered the unpublished draft as I was editing a review today. So thank you Dawn , I really do appreciate it. Please forgive my scatterbrain! Now, I have to tell you seven things about myself and pass the award on to seven other people.

1. I am originally from Western New York and am a long way from "home" living here in Arkansas.
2. I have a weakness for chocolate (I know how shocking that must be!)
3. I cannot eat soggy cereal. Really people. I pour the milk on it and if it is soggy by the time I get to the bottom I dump it out.
4. I met my husband when I was 14. We went to the same High School. Little did I know......
5. I once told Art before we were married that I could never be a Stay at Home Mom (you ever wonder if God's laughing at all the things we say we would never do?)
6. I have an obsession with never being late for anything.
7. I wouldn't trade it for anything (aren't you glad God knows better than we do!)

Now I get to pass this award on to 7 people whose blogs I enjoy. (Sorry if you have gotten it already.)

1. Superjerl
2. Ozark Ramblings
3. One Blessed Mama
4. Homeschool Success
5. Because of Our Children
6. Happily Homeschooling
7. Cobwebs and Kisses
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