Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

The children's pediatric dentist is an hour and 20 minute drive, but they are so good I would drive double the distance to take the children to them.  I start taking my children to see the dentist at the age of 3, so 5 of them had appointments today.  They schedule them all at once so they all are in the room together and it only takes about 45 minutes.  Parents are not allowed in the room with them except on the first visit (which would bother me if they weren't all together) so I get to hang out in the waiting room with the two little ones and all the toys.  It was a great visit, but Christian did have a small cavity so I have to make the drive again in 10 days to get that taken care of.

Usually, I take the children to McDonald's with a play place after the dentist, but since they worked so hard at the fair this year and did so great at the dentist, we decided to go play for a little while at Chuck E Cheese.  How can you go wrong with Chuck E Cheese?  Everything only costs one token and there are even games Chelsea likes to play.  I used an online coupon to get 80 tokens for $15.  We spent an hour playing and each of the children got a little prize before we left with their tickets.  One thing I loved to see was the children playing the games together.  It was so sweet when Lily ran out of money Christian asked her to come play some games with him.  They even put all their tickets together and divide it up evenly so everyone gets a prize (except for Chelsea who donates hers to the other children.)

After Chuck E Cheese we had to do some shopping.  It started pouring while we were in Walmart.  I was very glad to see the rain, but the timing for me was not the best.  I am thankful that the older children are old enough now to help out with the little ones.  We got home at 5:00 and get to leave again at 6:15 for soccer tonight.  No school for us today!

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