Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeschool Art Class Week 4

This week in our Art class, we had a fun project.  They made swords, shields, and other accessories (belts and arm guards) out of a thick white cardboard.  Then they could decorate them however they wanted using pencils, markers, or paints.  The children loved this!  Even Chelsea created a shield.  The children also had the option to draw or paint another picture, but the boys used up all of their time on their "knight costumes." Chelsea did start another drawing but didn't finish it.

Notice the picture above of Alex.  He decided he wanted to use an Exacto knife instead of cutting with scissors.  My sweet Alex is not always as careful as he should be and can be easily distracted.  Needless to say a couple of minutes after I took this picture he had cut two of his fingers.  I thought at first he was going to need a stitch, but the cut thankfully was not as deep as I first thought.  Some pressure, Neosporin, and some Bandaids did the trick and after resting for a few minutes Alex was ready to finish making his sword, using scissors this time.  Next week our class is cancelled because the teacher has a meeting in the morning and the choices were to cancel or attend her afternoon session.  Afternoons are too hard with two sleepy little girls so we are taking the day off.

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