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Friday, September 23, 2011

TOS Review: Aletheia Writing Magazine

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Have a teen who is talented in the art of photography, poetry, drawing, short stories, or writing book reviews?  Or maybe you have a teen who likes to read or look at other teens work and you are looking for a magazine for them that you know will contain only Christian content.  Aletheia Writing Magazine is just what you are searching for.

Aletheia Writing Magazine is a quarterly publication that is full of original literary or artistic works from  Christian teens ages 13-19 all across the country.  The Greek word Aletheia means "truth or unveiling." The magazine provides Christian teens with a platform in which they are able to express themselves. Their mission is to, " provide readers with quality fiction stories, along with poems, that uniquely unveil or glimpse Christian truths in mysterious, beautiful, or wondrous ways, and to allow young writers, artists and photographers to fulfill this provision through submissions." Each issue also offers a variety of unique features in addition to literary and artistic expressions of Christian teens such as: a Writer's challenge, the Featured Contributor, a book review, Glory to God for the beauty of nature, Ancient Ink, and an interview or other feature for enjoyment.

To see a sample of the magazine click HERE (go, have a look!)

 For the FAQ page that talks about what kind of submissions they are looking for and how to submit click here.

A US Subscription is $26 per year for four,  forty page color issues (price includes shipping and handling.)  Canadian Subscription is $29 per year.  To subscribe click here.

What a wonderful concept this magazine is!  It is about time someone came up with a platform where Christian teens writing or artistic abilities are not only taken seriously, but published alongside their peers.  The photos, poetry, drawings, and short stories in the two magazines I got to view absolutely blew me away!  I cannot believe how talented the teens in the magazine are and cannot imagine how much better they can become as their  talent and abilities grow.  I started making a list of some of my favorites in the magazine and ran out of room!  I will say that my two favorites that stood out the most was a poem entitled, "A Lost Friend" (age 13) and the story and artwork of "It Is Well" (writer and artist were both 16.)

Here is an example of artwork that is featured on their web page:

Heather Greenwood age 17
I did want to mention that because the age range is 13-19, the maturity level may also vary.  I did not see anything in either of the magazines that I viewed that would not be appropriate for my 14 year old.

If you have a teen interested in writing, art, or photography, or just want to encourage your teen by surrounding them with a magazine filled with submissions from Christian teens, I strongly recommend you check out Aletheia Writing Magazine!

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I received a complimentary print magazine and access to a complimentary digital copy of Aletheia Writing Magazine for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.


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Jennifer said...

My daughter and I both shared your view. There are some interesting things posted in Aletheia.