Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Often Wonder Why.......

Some teachers (or others in the public school system) take such a personal offense to homeschooling.  It really isn't something to be taken personally.  We don't choose to homeschool because the teachers are "bad" or because the district is "bad."  I think overall most teachers in the public school system do as good a job as possible in the circumstances they are in.  There are some great teachers out there that are forced to teach in increasingly impossible situations.  We choose to homeschool because that is what God has called us to do and we are walking in obedience to him.  I can provide a personalized education at home for my children that they cannot receive in the school.  And, even though there are many teachers who are Christians, God is not welcome in the public school system.  At home, I can teach every subject from a Creationist perspective.  We can memorize scripture and pray.  We can talk about the Lord when we sit at home and walk along the road when we lie down and when we rise up.

It is no secret that the area we live in is not very homeschool friendly, even to the point that local districts were illegally "interviewing" people who were turning in homeschool paperwork to try and convince them to put their children in school.  A teacher I know told me this, " If teachers/superintendents give you a hard time about homeschooling ask them, "Are you getting paid any less if I homeschool?  Are you losing your medical insurance?  Will there not be enough children to fill your classroom?  The fact is whether or not you homeschool does not affect my classroom or my paycheck."

So if you are in the public school system, don't take homeschooling personally.  You are doing what you think is best and so am I.

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