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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TOS Review: Before Five in A Row


There is a huge push right now to start introducing academics at an early age.  Early childhood should be a time for learning through playful explorations and everyday life activities.  The creators of Five In A Row, a much loved elementary curriculum that teaches subjects while reading the same book 5 days in a row, created Before Five in A Row to use with children ages 2-4.


Before Five in A Row- paperback 148 pg. $35

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What is Before Five In A Row?  It is a treasury of creative ideas using great children's literature designed to help you gently, consistently prepare your children for the life-long adventure of learning.  The book is divided into two parts.  The first half contains ideas and activities to go along with 24 wonderful books written for young children such as: The Runaway Bunny, The Snowy Day, Goodnight Moon, Blueberries for Sal and many more.  Some of the activities are subject related like: Art, Bible, science, Language Arts, and Math while others may focus on learning various skills such as sequencing, colors, or problem solving.  Some will also be focused on an area such as contentment, birthdays, or another book related idea.The second half of the book is a resource filled with ideas to help you prepare children for learning through everyday activities such as: bath time, bedtime, at the grocery store, in the kitchen, and much more.

Along with the Before Five in A Row book, you will need access to the books that are used.  This does not mean that you have to purchase all of the books.  Many libraries will have these books or can get them for you through inter library loan.  I will say that you may want to purchase the titles as your budget allows because they are such great books your child will want to read them over and over.  Trust me on this!  My 2 year old was so heart broken when we had to return The Runaway Bunny that I went out and bought it and will be adding to the titles I already have on hand a little at a time.  You may also need some common household items to do some of the activities.

Reading The Runaway Bunny

I love, love, love Before Five in a Row.  I love the idea of teaching children using great books!  Curling up around your favorite picture book is such a memorable experience for children and a wonderful way to teach them in the early years and beyond.  The book selections in before Five in A Row are sure to become family favorites (and not just with your little ones either see above photo.)   There is not a lot of advanced preparation needed and you can pick and choose what activities will suit your child's interests and abilities. Before Five in a Row is set up to guide you in ideas for discussion or activities your little ones will enjoy while at the same time recognizing that childhood should be full of fun!  I love this quote from the book, " Above all, the time between the ages two and four should be a time of sharing, hugging, reading, singing, dancing, puzzles, blocks, outdoor excursions, swinging high, playing in the sand box and enjoying fascinating introductions to the wonderful world of life."

The second half of the book is a treasure trove of ideas for activities you can do with your children.  Whether you are looking for information on what makes a good toy or what activities you can do with your little one to help the development of small muscle control, you will find it there.  Plus activities for in the kitchen, in the tub, at the grocery store, reading readiness, coordination, and much more.  This book can serve as a great reference to read through over and over again, or something you can glance at for a couple of quick ideas.

A few of the books used in Before Five in A Row are out of print and you won't be able to purchase them new but still can find them at the library or purchase them used.  Also, if you were looking for a new and updated version they have not updated it.  This is the same much loved version of Before Five in A Row, not a newer updated version (why change what is already working so well?)

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I received a complimentary copy of Before Five in A Row for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.


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