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Our Family

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 2

This week was fair week.  We did not get as much accomplished in our homeschool as I wanted to, but we did get some things accomplished in the midst of fair busyness.

Monday was of course Labor Day.  Art was off so we did not have any school planned for the day. We took rabbits and chickens to the fair and started the set up for our fair booth.  We also finished up getting the children's other exhibits ready to enter in the fair.
Emmie lost her first tooth!

Tuesday morning we headed back to the fair  It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get there but they were doing roadwork and it ended up taking us an hour to get there.  We fed chickens and rabbits and entered all of the children's exhibits.  We made it back home by lunchtime and did some school work in the afternoon.  That evening I had to go back to town to take Nick to church (senior high youth is on Tuesday nights), and swing by the fair to pick up our exhibitor meal passes and T-shirts, and put some last minute touches on the fair booth (I had decided that the space was too empty and wanted to add a few things.)

Wednesday we had school in the morning.  Then we headed back to the fair to see how we did and feed and water animals. They were so pleased with their ribbons.  I posted about all of them here. After looking at our ribbons we headed over to church for Kid's Club.

Thursday we headed back to the fair in the morning to feed and water.  I decided to go ahead and go grocery shopping while we were in town.  By the time we did all that, put all the groceries away and I had lunch it was almost 1:30 and I decided we were taking the day off from school.  I spent the afternoon doing some freezer cooking and put 17 meals in my freezer in around 2 hours for a review I am working on of MyFreezEasy.  Hope they all taste good!

Friday we had to go back and feed and water animals.  They wanted to stop and see the snake at the Grandview booth.  Then we met some homeschool friends to play and have a picnic lunch.

Saturday morning was the livestock auction.  Local businesses and individuals donate some money to the exhibitors to help with costs. The poultry chain chickens were eligible for the auction.  Since our chickens were 3rd place the children were dead last.  It took 2 hours before it was their turn, but they waited patiently and did a great job.

We grabbed some lunch and stopped by the car show in the park.

This is not a posed picture.  They were both standing there like that and I snapped a photo. They are so alike sometimes!

That night we had to go back and do fair cleanup.  The fair is fun but a lot of work!  Next year we are planning on showing goats too.  That will be a learning experience for us all!

Week 2 in Our Homeschool

Bible: We read and discussed Genesis 11:1-9 and Isaiah 45:225-24 and Psalm 24:1-2.

Read Aloud: The recommended read aloud from MFW is Kingdom Tales.  I skipped the first story but we read The Orphan Keeper's Assistant.

P.E.: We did lesson one of Family Time Fitness Core 2.

Poetry: Reviewed all the poems we have learned and learned our 8th poem The Ingenious Little Man.

E.C.C: The geography portion had us learning about latitude, longitude, elevation and depth.  We also added the 5 oceans to our map.  In Science we learned about Biomes and shaded the different biomes around the world on a map.

Language Arts: In Language Lessons for Today 3 we learned about contractions and using the dictionary.

Spelling/Reading: Lily completed lesson 30 of AAR Level 2.  Christian and Anthony completed lesson 2 of AAS Level 3 and lesson 4 of AAR Level 4.

Astronomy: Didn't get to it.

Math: Nick did 2 lessons in MUS Geometry and Alex did 2 lessons in TT 7.  Lily, Christian, and Anthony started their brand new math, Math Lessons for a Living Education (Levels 2,4, and 5.) I read over the stories with each of them and they completed lessons 1 and 2. One of the boys' struggles is not automatically recalling math facts.  MFW suggests drilling basic facts every day rotating through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  I am going to start adding that in to our morning school work next week.

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie finished the unit on leaves.  She did a leaf painting and we read Caps for Sale.  She loves that book and wants to be able to read it herself.

All American History: Nick completed Lessons 5 and 6.

Discovering God's Design in Nature: He worked through the first two assignments in week 2.

I hope you had a great week!  Happy Homeschooling!

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