Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 County Fair

It's fair week!  Today was the judging.  The children entered several different exhibits and were very happy with their ribbons!!  I did not get pictures of everything and not all the exhibits had their ribbons attached yet when we were there since they had just finished judging.

Emmie entered Poultry Chain Chickens and got 3rd place.  She also entered her mermaid doll set and won 1st place, a rag doll that won 2nd place, a corn husk doll that won 2nd place, a plate that won 1st place, and a wooden toy that won 2nd place.

Lily's chickens also got 3rd place.  Her mermaid doll set won Best of Section!  She also entered a rag doll that won 3rd place, corn husk doll that won 2nd place, a plate that won 1st place, a potholder that won 2nd place, and a leather tomahawk that won 2nd place.

Christian's chickens also won 3rd place.  His black and white soil photograph won Best of Show!  His black and white photo of the girls that won 2nd, a picture of Anna that won 2nd, and a picture of the sky that also won second.  He also entered 2 puzzles that won 2nd, and two LEGO sets that won 1st.

Anthony won 1st place on his marigold photograph.  He also entered his plate won 2nd, and two LEGO sets one was 2nd and the other was 1st.

Alex's rabbit won 1st place.  He also entered two bracelets that won 1st place,  a plate that won 2nd place, 2 LEGO sets that won 1st, and a model car that also won 1st.

Nick's rabbit won 2nd place.  He also entered a plate that won 2nd, a puzzle that won 1st, a model star wars ship that won 1st, and two robots one 1st and one 2nd.

Our club did a fair booth again this year.  The children and I worked hard on it!  It win Best of Show!

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