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Our Family

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 1

This week was the first week of our new homeschool year!  I had some really good intentions of starting half an hour earlier every morning then we did last year so I wouldn't feel so rushed in the afternoon, but it did not happen.  We started out a little light this week and will add in a few more things in the next week or two.  I honestly was pretty happy with how our days went.  Everyone had really good attitudes and we got almost everything done I wanted to get done.  Emmie had a couple of meltdowns (not school related) and Lily cried once because she couldn't get her continent drawing to look like she wanted.  I am behind on housework and we had pancakes for supper one day because I was way behind but overall a good week!

First day of school pictures

1st day of kindergarten

1st day 2nd grade

1st day 4th grade

1st day 5th grade

1st day of 7th grade

1st day of 9th grade

Week One in our Homeschool

Bible: We are all using the Bible lessons of MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures.  For week one the memory verse was John 3:16.  We read the intro to Window on the World, Garden of Eden. God Speaks Numanggang, and Window on the World, Christianity.

Poetry: We reviewed the 7 poems we learned last year in IEW Poetry.

P.E.: We did one day of yoga, one day bike riding, and two days of exercises I chose from Family Time Fitness.  

Exploring Countries and Cultures: Week One starts out light and I was thankful!  We did not do every assignment.  We about maps and globes learning about the differences in scale from maps and globes, the compass rose, the equator, and northern and southern hemispheres.  We had a worksheet to label the continents, north and south poles, equator, and n and s hemispheres.  The vocabulary words were continent and continental shelf.  In science we read about ecosystems and did an activity called Backyard Habitats.  We skipped the worm activity because we have done that three times before!  For handwriting we are going over writing the alphabet.

Language Arts: Lily, Christian, and Anthony did the first 3 lessons in Language Lessons for Today.  They also did the first lesson in Fix It! Grammar Book 2.  Nick completed the first lesson in Fix it! Grammar Book 3.  Lily did an exercise on sentences in Jolly Grammar.  Alex completed 2 lessons in All in One English.

Spelling/Reading: Alex completed lesson 27 in the Phonetic Zoo.  Christian and Anthony completed lesson one of AAR Level 3.  They completed lessons 1-3 in AAR Level 4.  Lily completed lesson 29 in AAR Level 2.

Astronomy: We did one day of Lesson 3: Mercury.

Math: Christian and Anthony's math books were not here by Monday morning so I told the younger three they could skip math this week.  I suggested to Nick and Alex that they go ahead and start because they have more lessons.  Alex completed through lesson 5 in Teaching Textbooks 7th grade.  Nick completed lesson one of MUS Geometry.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z:

Emmie is on the third unit which teaches the letter "l", leaf ,and the phrase " I will live and grow in Jesus."  She did a drawing page, cut and paste page, sound discrimination page,handwriting and her picture card page.  We collected leaves and put them in a leaf press and did a leaf rubbing.  She also made her leaf badge.

All American History: Nicholas completed lessons 1-4 in All American History. He is combining two years worth of history into one year so I am having him read the text and answer the questions.

Discovering God's Design in Nature: He completed the readings and worksheets for week one.

Other Activities this Week:

Monday we had a 4 H meeting.  I will never schedule another one of those on our first day of school!  We ran a few errands on the way and stopped for first day of school happy hour slushies from Sonic.

Wednesday was the first day of Kids Club.

Friday we had a brief homeschool activity to plan for a monthly book club and park day activity.

Alex's stitches came out Saturday.  I spent the majority of the day working on the fair booth.  The fair starts Monday.

We missed church today.  Instead we had to take Emmie to Urgent Care.  I thought she had strep but the test came back negative.  Hopefully she will be better soon!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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