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Our Family

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop : School Room Week!

Right before last year's Blog Hop, we had to gut our School Room because of water damage.  All last year we spent doing "school" in various rooms in the house.  This worked out just fine, but I am very glad that the room is completed and we will be starting school next week.  Here is what it looked like last year:

Here is what it looks like now:

We put ceramic tile floors in and then covered half the room with thick interlinking foam pads for the children to play on and the baby to crawl on.  The book shelves got a fresh coat of paint (white is not a good color when you have seven children.)  We left the doors off the cabinets so the children can get to their things easier.  Storage bins with lids keep all of the small toys where they belong.  Nick, Alex, Anthony get a small cubby for their school supplies: spiral notebooks, 3 ring binder, sketch pad, silent reading books, and pencil box with: scissors, glue, pencils, colored pencils, and crayons.  Christian and Lily are sharing a cubby and Chelsea gets a shelf.  The shelves on the right side of the room has all of our educational books and supplies and the shelves have art supplies, paper, science kits, and other items we will need for school.  The left side has children's books, board games, and toys.  The top shelves are dedicated to storing some of the boys' Lego's (trying to keep little sister away from them.)

Daddy thought it would be fun to put a chalkboard in.  He made this one using plywood and painting it with blackboard paint.  The boys drew a space ship and some planets in this picture.

This is where our table is going to go.  We used to have desks down here but I wanted an area we could all work together and not have to use the dining room table for art projects.  So I ordered a 30 x60 adjustable classroom table.  I hope to have it by the end of the week.

This is a closer picture of the cubbies.  Our morning board is also in this picture (doing a separate post about explaining about that.)  The morning board will go on the wall along with some posters and our laminated map as soon as the table is put in and I get something to hang them without damaging the paint or putting holes in the walls.

I am so happy to have our School Room back!  Check out some other great School Rooms here.

Not Back to School Blog Hop


Lorus! said...

The finished room is fabulous!! The colors are warm and friendly and I envy your storage space!

Dawn said...

What a great new space.

Samantha said...

I looks great! How do you keep the little ones out of the bottom cubbies though? That would be a problem here in my home with the curious toddler. I love how spacious and streamlined it seems.

Lisa said...

I put similar "school type" things in a cubby for my 2 and 4 year olds to share. They have their own notebooks, coloring books, pencil boxes, and story books in theirs. So far, they have not bothered the other ones and have used the items in their own.