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Our Family

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

The topic for this week's Not Back to School Blog Hop is a Day in the Life.  What is a typical homeschool day like in your house.  We "do school " 4 days a week.  Fridays we take off from homeschooling and run errands, go grocery shopping, have play dates with other homeschool friends.  This year we will also be doing an Art Class on Friday afternoons. This is what a school day looks like in our house Mon-Thurs.

7:30-9:00- wake up, breakfast, morning chores- Children's morning chores include cleaning up their breakfast dishes, dressing, brushing teeth, feeding and watering chickens, dogs, and rabbit.  My morning chores include breakfast, cleaning up kitchen , dressing and feeding myself and little ones, doing a load of dishes, starting a load of laundry.
9:00-9:30-outside play time- It is still very hot here in Arkansas, so we get outside in the morning to play and burn off some energy before our school day begins.
9:30-11:00- We do all of our "together " school work first. We use our Morning Board and do Bible, History (Mon, Wed), Science (Tues, Thurs), Art (Mon.)  Then Alex uses the computer for Reading Kingdom, and I spend some time reading to the little ones.
11:00-12:30- lunch, recess.  Make, eat, clean-up lunch.  Outdoor recess in fall, winter, and spring.
12:30-2:00- individual school work-Handwriting, Spelling, Math, and Reading.  Two little girls are napping during this time so I can work one on one with Spelling and Math.
2:00-3:00-media time if schoolwork is completed
3:00-4:00-afternoon chores,productive free time
4:00-5:30-preparing, eating supper
5:30-7:00-free time
7:00-8:00 -evening chores, snack, getting ready for bed
8:00-bedtime- all of the children go to bed except for the two youngest since they get a nap.  The children do not have to go right to sleep.  They can play quietly in their beds and the older ones can read in the beds with their reading lights until they are ready to go to sleep.

Not Back to School Blog Hop


Kelly @ In Everything said...

I love adding the play outside time in the morning!! I would love to include that but I"m never disciplined enough to go BACK inside;) Occasionally while the baby sleeps we'll bring some "together time" books outside;)

Dawn said...

Great! You all get a lot done.

Michelle said...

Great schedule!

Crisc said...

Sounds great. Hope you have a good week =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :)