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Our Family

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Neat Little Story....God is So Amazing!

I am the Children's Church Coordinator at my church.  This means I prepare the lessons that are taught during Children's Church and also fill in to teach when someone is not there. There are a couple of ladies that like to prepare their own lessons. Last Sunday I had told the children that we would have a party in Children's Church the next week to celebrate promotion Sunday and I would make a special snack for them.  Unfortunately I forgot until I woke up Sunday morning.  I had the ingredients to throw together a yellow cake and had some canned frosting in the cupboard so I quick made a cake.

I got to church and the lady that was teaching Children's Church stopped me to say that she had prepared her own lesson.  She had found an object lesson online that talked about following God's Recipe.  She had brought an apron, mixing bowl, and ingredients to make a "cake."  But, instead of using all of the correct ingredients, she would substitute some.  Instead of butter she brought mustard, soy sauce for vanilla, ketchup for eggs, etc..The message was that when we don't follow God's recipe for our life (the Bible) and start inventing our own rules, we don't end up with a tasty cake, we end up with a mess instead.  Little did she know that I had the perfect compliment to her lesson....a finished yummy cake that showed what will happen when you follow the recipe.

Isn't it amazing to see God working in all things even something as simple as one Children's Church Lesson?


Lorus! said...

That is such a neat story! It's amazing because it was perfect for the children's lesson, but also a great example for the adults involved!

Anonymous said...

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