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Our Family

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Have Been So Blessed By the Crew!

The last Blog Cruise topic of the year is, "Please share your favorite homeschool experience in relation to your participation in the Crew this year." I really could write pages about what a blessing the Crew has been to me this year. I have received a lot of great products, "met" some amazing people, and have had so much fun while doing all of my "work." I have found it very exciting to be contributing to something that will help the vendors make decisions on how to bettter their products and helping homeschoolers decide what might fit their families. One product especially sticks out in my mind as been a wonderful answer to prayer and made a difference in my 7 year old's life.

Alex has has a strong desire to read from an early age. My older two children were both early readers and he really wants to follow in their footsteps and be just like them. However, after learning the basic letters and progressing to learning phonics, he just got stuck. He could not understand how to blend or sound words out. We backed off for awhile and took a break, but when we got back into it, the same thing happened again. I knew how frustrated he was getting and started doing some research to find something that might help him learn to read. Throughout thart research I read alot about different symptoms of dyslexia and began to suspect that Alex is mildly dyslexic. At the point where I was most frustrated and wondering which direction I should turn, I found out I was on the list to review The Reading Kingdom. You can find my review here. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it has made. Alex is reading! He is still on level 1, but he is making progress every day. The vendor generously gave us a subscription for a whole year, so I plan to keep on having him work on it over the summer. It has been a huge blessing in our lives and was just what I needed exactly when I needed it. Thank you Lord!


Jodi said...

I just love it when a product makes the learning "click" for a child. It's a wonderful thing! Thanks for participating in the BC!

Wendy R said...

Reading Kingdom has been GREAT for my youngest, too. It was one that I really prayed to receive....and cried tears of thankfulness when I saw my name on that list! :-) What a blessing!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love stories like this. I'm so glad Reading Kingdom blessed Alex so greatly!