Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Week in Review (December 19-25th)

Merry Christmas!

This week we have been on Christmas break.  Art is on vacation and has been home with us and it has been wonderful getting to spend some time with him.  We have been keeping the children busy this week working in the yard and getting ready for Christmas.

Monday I had to be out of the house for several hours to take Chelsea to a doctor appointment. The children watched Christmas movies and played games while I was gone.

See the Light has some wonderful Bible Story themed art DVD's.  I had ordered The Gift of Love (about the birth of Christ) last week but wasn't sure it would arrive in time for Christmas.  It came on Tuesday so the children watched the story and completed one of the art projects (there are 3 on the DVD) called Away in a Manger.  This was the first time Emmie has ever completely followed along with one of our art lessons all the way to the end.  Lily, Christian, Anthony, and Emmie did a great job!

Wednesday Art issued a leaf challenge to the children.  If they could get all of the leaves cleaned up and taken care of by 3:00 then he would buy them milkshakes from Sonic.  They were finished by 2:00.

Then they started building some kind of structure outside.

Our baby squirrels did not make it.  It had seemed like they were doing very well and then all of a sudden they weren't.  One died Wednesday night, the next one Thursday night, and the third one early in the morning on Friday.  It was very sad.

Friday I had an appointment to get my hair done and afterwards needed to go grocery shopping.  I did not want to go to Walmart the day before Christmas Eve, but I didn't have a choice, we needed food. Nick went with me so I wouldn't have to do it alone and I so appreciated that!  It was raining and the store was crazy!

Christian made some cute Christmas crafts.

Saturday was of course Christmas Eve.  The children think its the longest day of the year but for me the day flies by!  We baked cookies, cake, and pies.  We cleaned and wrapped presents and before I knew it it was time to get ready for church.  We went to the 6:00 candle light service had a snack and put children to bed.  Then I wrapped more presents and got everything ready for Christmas morning.

The children are not allowed to get out of bed before 6:00.  But, I started hearing them talking about 5:30.  Right at 6 they headed downstairs.  They were so excited!  Presents were opened and breakfast was eaten.

Later Chelsea and Cody came by and more presents were opened.  Christmas lunch was served and cleaned up and the rest of the day was spent relaxing.

I hope you had a great week and a very Merry Christmas!

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