Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 15

It was not a typical week in our homeschool this week.  But we did have a lot of fun, some excitement, some time with friends, and a Christmas party to attend.  We did get some school work done too.

Week 15 in our Homeschool

P.E.: We did two days of Family Time Fitness.

Bible: We read about gypsies in Windows on the World.  Our memory verse was Matthew 11:28.  We read Matthew 10:21-Matthew 11:30.  In Hero Tales we read about William Tyndale.

Read Aloud: For our morning read aloud we read 4 chapters of William Booth.  We finished our afternoon read aloud, Snow Treasure.  For our evening read aloud we started reading The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson. 

Poetry: We finished working on memorizing the poem Persevere.

E.C.C: We finished up France this week.  We read some information on France in Children's Atlas of God's World.  We reviewed the locations of the countries in Europe.  We did a notebooking page on French money and another one on famous landmarks in France.  We made models of the Eiffel Tower out of LEGO.  In the science portion we read about the Balance of Nature and Describing Living Things.

Art: One of the things we did not get to this week.

Apologia Astronomy: Didn't get to that either.

Language Arts: We did not do Fix It! Grammar and Lily did not do language arts either.  Anthony and Christian copied the poem Certainty.  Nick completed a lesson on sentence diagramming.

Spelling/Reading: In AAS Level 3 the boys finished Step 16.  In AAR Level 4 they finished lesson 38.  In AAR Level 3 Lily finished lesson 6.

Math: Nick finished lesson 14 in MUS Geometry.  Alex completed two lessons in Teaching Textbooks.  Lily, Christian, and Anthony completed 3 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education. 

MFW Creation from A to Z: Emmie completed the lesson on "I" for insect.  She did her drawing page, blend ladder page, and made an insect badge.  We did not do any of the other suggested activities, but we did do some other things.

Lily and Emmie made some cute Christmas tree ornaments.

And Emmie and I made this Christmas 5 senses book that I found on Pinterest.

Other Activities this Week:

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics. 

Wednesday We had an opportunity to get together with some friends we haven't been able to see in awhile. 

Thursday was an exciting day.  The tree came down and we found the baby flying squirrels.  They are still alive and doing well (I think.)  They are eating and appear to be healthy not that I have any knowledge of what that means for a baby flying squirrel.  We are keeping them warm, feeding every 3 hours, and keeping them clean. I am very surprised that they are still alive.  I thought after the fall from the tree that they would not survive the first night.  Alex has been helping me feed them at night. He feeds them at 11 pm and 5 am and I feed them at 2 am. 

Friday the girls and Nick went for a haircut.  The girl that cut their hair straightened it before she cut it.  Emmie really likes her hair straight because it feels longer to her and doesn't want her curls to come back. 

Friday night we had a Christmas activity to go to.  We were supposed to be going caroling on a hayride, but about an hour before it was supposed to start it started to rain.  The hayride was cancelled but we still sang carols, just indoors.  They had some games and refreshments too.  We had a really good time.

Saturday the girls made this cute nativity. It was over 70 degrees out and they all spent time outside.  The tree continues to be a fun play area.  When we woke up Sunday morning it was only 20 degrees!  Crazy weather!

What is left of the squirrel nest

I hope you had a great week!  We are on Christmas break for the next two weeks.

Happy Homeschooling!

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