Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bat Basics

I have mentioned several times about the wonderful educational programs our local state parks conduct.  Last year a friend and I had an opportunity to go to several of the programs at Grandview, but there were a few that we wanted to do but couldn't make it in the days they were being held.  Because we are part of aan educational group (homeschool group) if we could get a group of 10 or more together (not hard to do when we already have 7) we could attend the programs on a day and time that would be convenient for our group.  So we have decided to schedule an educational program at Grandview once a month.  For the month of October, our program was on Bat Basics.

The children had an opportunity to hear a presentation on bats and learn lots of facts about them such as what types of bats we have in Arkansas, where they are found, what they eat, why they are beneficial, and more.

After that we got to make bat houses, one per family, except for my family because there are so many of them.  I split them up into two groups with one big boy and one little boy in each group, and Lily helping the boys.  Chelsea helped another little girl whose little sister was too young to help her.

Even I helped!

The little girls were very good and kept themselves busy.

After Grandview, we went to the park for a picnic.  Four of my children are eligible for the Pizza Hut Book It Program (it is for grades K-6), so I ordered their mega slices for them and a large pizza for the rest of us to eat at the park.  The weather was beautiful and we ended up staying longer then I had planned, but we had a great day!

Next month's program at Grandview will be on the Caddo Indians, Medicinal Plants, and we will make a flower press.

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