Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 7

Week 7 in Our Homeschool

P.E.: We did one day of yoga and 3 days of Family Time Fitness.

Bible: The memory verse for this week is Matthew 5:11.  We read about Garifuna in Window on the World.  In Hero Tales we read about William and Catherine Booth.  We read from Matthew 5:11-26.

Read Aloud: We read 5 chapters in Cameron Townsend.  We read 3 chapters in The Incredible Journey for our afternoon read aloud.  We finished Matilda for our evening read aloud and started Kneeknock Rise.

Poetry: We started memorizing Whole Duty of Children by Robert Louis Stevenson.

E.C.C.: We started learning about Canada this week.  We read some facts about Canada in Children's Atlas of Our World.  We labeled the provinces of Canada and completed our flag worksheets.  We watched a short video on the northern lights.  We also watched a short youtube video about Cananda that I found on a list that another homeschooler recommended, but did not care for some of the language and attitude of the host so we will not be watching any more of those.  In science we read about long term changes, food chains, scavengers and decomposers.  The art activity was to do an Ivory soap carving.

Science: We started the chapter on the Moon.

Language Arts: Nick started the Sentence Diagramming book from Critical Thinking.  Anthony and Christian did lesson 5 in Fix It! Book 2.  They also learned about and wrote a friendly letter.  Lily learned about alphabetizing in Jolly Grammar.

Spelling/Reading In All About Reading Level 2 Lily completed lessons 40 and 41.  In AAS Level 3 the boys completed Step 8.  In AAR Level 4 they completed lessons 18,19,20, and 21.

Math: Alex completed 4 lessons in Teaching Textbooks 7.  Nick completed lesson 6 in MUS Geometry.  Christian, Anthony, and Lily completed 4 lessons in Math Lessons for a Living Education.

MFW Creation from A to Z:  Emmie finished up Turtle by making her turtle badge and a paper plate turtle.  We read The Tortoise and the Hare.  She started "U" for Us.  She completed her picture card page and we read through an Usborne picture book on the different systems in the body.

All American History and Discovering God's Design in Nature: Nick completed lessons 23-26 in History and completed lessons for 27-30 in science.

Other Activities this Week

Monday night Christian had a soccer practice and Alex had a game.

Tuesday the girls had gymnastics, Nick had youth, and Christian had a game.

Wednesday we had Kid's Club.

Thursday it rained and we got to stay home :).

Friday we went to try and program the robot.  There was an issue with a bad wire though and didn't get very far.

Saturday was another stay at home day.
Emmie had to help build the tree stand

Sunday the sweet, sweet, ladies from my church had a bridal shower for Chelsea.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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