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Saturday, October 8, 2011

TOS Review: Professor In A Box Principles of Marketing

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What is Professor In A Box?  Professor In A Box offers college level courses for all levels of learners High School or above taught in a non traditional format.  Everything you need to take the course is on the DVD disc (runs on both Mac and PC.)  Students learn in just 4 simple steps: watch the lectures, complete homework problems, check the answers, and take the exams.  Each chapter's lecture includes discussion of relevant concepts to the course and step by step demonstration in solving real life problems.  Courses can be completed in a semester, over and entire academic year, or for summer school.  Products available from Professor In A Box are:  Financial Accounting,  Universal Financial Accounting Guide, Accounting & Money Skills, and Principles of Marketing.I had the opportunity to use and review Principles of Marketing with my 14 year old 10th grade daughter.

Principles of Marketing taught by Julie Pirsch Ph.D. is a Marketing course for anyone that is interested in learning about marketing including : small business owners, college business students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and homeschool high school students preparing for the CLEP Marketing Exam.  Any high school level (or above) with basic reading skills cam handle this course.  This course is similar in content to the first marketing course taken by students in colleges across the country.  This course provides students with " a description and evaluation of the ways in which goods and services are developed to meet customer and consumer needs, and how they are distributed for domestic and international consumption. It examines the economic, government, social, and other environmental forces in relation to the marketing function, placing emphasis on relevant social problems and responsibilities."

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So how exactly does the course work?  All you have to do is put the DVD into your computer.  Each lesson starts off with a slide show lecture (about 20-30 minutes.)  Next, you review the Chapter using online resources and by going over chapter Key Concepts (20-30 min.) Then you take the quiz for that section and go over the answers (15-20 min.)  The course contains 19 chapters that are completed in 28 lessons.  Three exams are taken during the course.  Not only do you have the option of viewing the lectures and completing quizzes and exams on the computer, you also have the ability to print out all of the files as a PDF (answers to the quizzes are included.)

 To see a sample chapter click here.

To view the online resources used click here.

Principles of Marketing sells for $119.99 and includes free shipping.  To order click here.  Professor In A Box offers a Full Money Back Guarantee.  Work through the first three chapters of the course and if you are not completely satisfied, send it back for a full refund including shipping.

What I loved most about this course was that it was so easy to use and that I didn't have to teach it.  The DVD taught it all for me.    Everything the student needs is contained on the disc.  The lectures are very clear and concise and the student can watch the lecture as many times as necessary to understand the concept. They also have the ability to print out the slides (sometimes having a paper copy in front of you makes it more concrete.)  Concepts are taught using real life examples.  Answers are given on the quizzes so the student can go back and see what they did wrong.   

I did think the course was challenging.  My daughter at 14 was not incredibly interested in it even though she did understand the concepts and could complete the work, but I think in a year or two she will be.  This course is perfect for anyone desiring to start their own business or someone who is planning on majoring in Business in college.

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 I received a complimentary copy of Principles In Marketing for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.


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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I personally thought this was a great product and look forward to trying it again with my daughter later to see if she connects with it more then.

Great review!