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Our Family

Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to the Dentist and A Wound

My sweet little 4 year old Christian had a very small cavity in one of his back molars that was discovered during a regular dental check-up so we had to schedule a visit to get it taken care of.  So, Tuesday morning we all loaded up to drive an hour and 20 minutes back to the dentist.  I had explained to him that they would not be brushing his teeth, just fixing the hole in it.  When the children are under 6, the parent can go back in the room with the child, so Emelia and I went with Christian while Chelsea stayed in the waiting room with the others.  Christian was so big and brave and did just what they told him to!  They are so good there and explain everything they are doing both before they do it and while they are doing it.  The cavity was so small they were able to put a small white filling in it.  Christian got 2 stickers and a toy from the Treasure Chest.  I was very glad that he got to go first, because the next 2 kids that went in both were crying and I think it would have scared him if he heard them before he went back.  After the dentist we were off to the McDonald's Playplace to eat and play. 

Sometime while we were on our way home, Christian must have started chewing in his numb lip and cheek (which can happen with young children.)  By the time we got home he had a fat lip and a wound in his cheek.  We put some ice on it and gave some Motrin to help with the swelling.  The next day it still looked about the same and he was complaining about it so we kept up with the Motrin.  He was having the most trouble while he was eating and at bedtime.  Christian is a very literal little boy and when  I gave him the medicine and told him he would feel better in a minute he sat there for a minute and then said, "How many more in a minutes do I have to wait before it feels better?"  Thursday morning he told me it felt, "halfway better" and looked much better.  Then, wouldn't you know it, he fell climbing the rock wall on our swing set.  What did he hit?  Yep, the right side of his mouth, lip, and cheek.  So we got more ice and Motrin.  I am very thankful it wasn't worse and that his lip and cheek did not get an infection.  He is much better today.  The actual dentist visit was so easy, it was the  aftermath from the Novocaine that caused all the problems. 

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