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Our Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, You're One Of Those Parents

The first time I ever heard that comment was about 5 years ago.  I had taken the children for their well checks (back when we used to go to well checks) and my youngest at the time was just starting to be mobile.  After spending about 10 minutes looking him over, the doctor sat down to give me a lecture of rules I should follow to keep the baby safe.  You know, always keep him in a car seat in the car, make sure he is sleeping in his own bed, tips on starting solid foods, etc..etc..Then the doctor told me to make sure I kept him in a playpen at all times during the day to keep the baby protected from his older siblings.  I actually was pretty surprised by his comment and must have shown it by the expression on my face because he said, "Oh, you're one of those parents who don't believe babies should be kept in a playpen.  You're the reason I get called out in the middle of the night because baby just swallowed big brothers Lego's."  I told the doctor no I had never used a playpen for any of my children and certainly would not keep a baby confined to a playpen all of the time.  We try to keep small toys away from the babies and talk to our older children about the things we need to do to keep baby safe.  I thanked him for his time, loaded up the children and went home.

Since then I have been called, "One of Those Parents" many times for different reasons: when people find out we homeschool, don't take our children for well checks, or  feed my babies table food.  Also when I insisted on nursing even though I was pregnant, and when I refused to stop nursing to take medication and insisted on a different treatment.  But, I have to say it doesn't offend me like it did that day in the doctor's office.  I don't claim to have all of the answers in parenting or that my way is always right.  I do however pray daily for wisdom and guidance in making decisions for my children, and also for courage when the decisions we make go against what most people believe is the best choice.  I will happily be "One of Those Parents" who wants nothing but to raise happy, healthy children who love the Lord. 


Crystal H said...

I love this one! I was treated like a hug happy leper when will's pediatrician found out we hadn't taken Elijah to his well checks. We have always believed that you take a child in if there is a problem. But for a little while I felt like a terrible mom and took them both in for a check up. Of course, a week later, they both got sick and passed it on to me and nick. The child next to us in the waiting room was sick with it. I find it amazing that doctors say that your a horrible parent if you don't bring your kids in 80 times a year, then of course they charge you a few hundred dollars per visit. Thanks for all your awesome advice!

Lorus! said...

Ummm... I guess I'm "one of those parents" too. It amazes me to think someone would not allow their older children access to the baby! We don't see our doctor either. In fact our 13 year old daughter has only actually been to a doctor about 7 times in her entire life and some of those WERE well visits. My children are rarely ever sick and the babies were held and loved and played with by their older siblings and survived just fine. No one has ever swallowed a lego!