Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Last Sunday after church, the children and I drove up for a quick visit to my parents.  We had 4 days in a row that didn't have anything scheduled so off we went.  The ride up was not fun.  My children are used to traveling and ride quite well.  Miss Emelia who is 4 months old now decided she did not want to be in her car seat.  She screamed (not cried) for about half of our 4 hour drive.  Thankfully she slept the second half of the drive.  We did have a nice visit with my parents though.  While we were there we went to see Cars 2 and all the children loved it!  Nick and Alex thought it was even better than the first one, Anthony wanted to go back the next day, and Christian thinks we should buy it.  I had read the Plugged In Review from Focus on the Family before we went, so I did know what to expect as far as the cartoon violence.  Nothing in the movie bothered my boys and many times there will be a scene that scares at least one of them.  The children also spent lots of time in the pool and went out for ice cream cones which made Anthony declare, "This is the best day ever!"  For our drive back, I decided to leave in the evening hoping Emelia would sleep most of the way.  So, we left about 6:15.  Emelia, Lily, Christian, and Anthony fell asleep for the first 2 hours.  We stopped at the Walmart that is our halfway point and changed the babies, fed Emelia, used the bathroom, and got a snack.  When we got back in the van, she cried for bout 20 minutes, fell back asleep and slept until we got home at 10:15.  Then she played for a little while, ate, ans went back to sleep so that worked out much better.

Unfortunately, when we came in the house last night it was 85 degrees inside.  The air conditioner was not working so we opened all the windows and turned all the ceiling fans on high so it would be cool enough to sleep.  I was worried that with it being a holiday weekend that we wouldn't be able to get anyone out here until next week and we would be spending a miserably hot weekend (temps in the triple digits this weekend.)  Thankfully, someone was able to come out and look at it this morning.  Some fire ants had gotten into the outside unit and short circuited a part.  The repairman replaced the part and put out some poison and we were good to go!  After going to a 4 H workshop and grocery shopping this morning it was wonderful to return to a nice cool house!

I love going places and visiting, but the saying is so true, "There's no place like home!"

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