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Our Family

Monday, June 3, 2019

Our Week in Review (May 27th- June 2nd)

It has been a week!  A lot of good things, but a lot of very stressful things too. 

Monday was Art's birthday.  He had to work so we didn't do anything very special.  The girls had music lessons because we were not able to have them the Friday before.

Tuesday was the Nature Seekers 4 H Meeting.  We went to Grandview and went canoeing.  The children had a great time, I think they would have stayed all day!  I even went canoeing for the first time ( I don't love being out in the water) and I had fun too. 

Wednesday we went berry picking with 4 H at the Southwest Arkansas Research Center in Hope.  We were able to pick a few strawberries and lots of blueberries and blackberries.  Some of the berries 4 H kept for our jam and jelly workshop next week and some went home with all of the 4 hers. 

We had lunch and then I had to say goodbye to my boys who were heading to Dallas to fly out to D.C. the next day.

And yes they were well taken care of as I knew they would be and yes they are old enough to go on a big trip but this mama missed her boys and it was very hard for me not to go with them.  I could not be in two places at the same time or split myself in half.  They were completely fine to go without me but it was very, very hard for me.

Thursday morning Christian and I went out to take care of all the animal chores and noticed there was something wrong with the pig.  She had not touched her food from the night.  I changed it out and fed and watered the rest of the animals.  At lunch I went back to check on her and she still hadn't eaten and then she started coughing.  Bad.  Then she threw up.  I took a video of her coughing and sent it to Nick (they had just gotten off of the plane) and he showed it to Samantha (trip chaperone and Ag agent) who called the vet and told him what was going on. She was pretty sure it was pneumonia.  They prescribed some medicine and I had to run and pick it up.  But...I had never given a shot to a pig.  Googling it did not make me feel more confident, actually it made me a lot less confident.  So Samantha called her husband to come over and help me give the pig her shots. While we were doing that Emmie was getting ready for her first recital rehearsal.  We were there for about 3 hours.

Friday morning the pig still had not eaten and when she tried to stand up she started swaying.  I thought she was dying. So I called the vet again and made an appointment.  The girls had music lessons and then we ran to the co-op and Walmart.  I bought a dog cage to carry the pig in because my three oldest boys were gone and I could not hook up the livestock trailer by myself.  As soon as we got home we loaded the pig up (who had not moved since that morning) and ran her to the vet.  It was definitely pneumonia and he gave her a second antibiotic. Raising livestock is NOT for the faint of heart.

When we got home from that I had to get Emmie's hair and make-up done for pictures and dress rehearsal.  We were there until 9:00 that night.

My boys in D.C. did send me a few texts and pictures.  Friday was their free day and they got to go to the zoo and the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and see the Washington Monument, WW 2 Memorial, and go by the White House.

Saturday the pig was still not eating but was coughing less.  The boys competed in the Obstacle Course Challenge.  Samantha FaceTimed me so I could see what was going on.  They ran it in 2 minutes 19 seconds, 35 seconds faster then at Regionals.

And it was Recital Night.  Emmie won a trophy for perfect attendance.  Her ballet was to How Does a Moment Last Forever and tap was to You've Got a Friend in Me.  The finale was The Greatest Show.

Sunday the pig finally ate!  She is still coughing but acting much better.  The boys completed the Challenge Course and I was on FaceTime again ( I couldn't see anything but Samantha could tell me what was going on.)  They got more points then they did at Regionals.  But, there were 199 teams at this contest and they did not end up placing in anything.  It was a great experience though and they will take what they learned to next year's competition.

I do not know what all they got to do on Sunday afternoon because the biggest exciting thing they texted me about was getting to see the President in his car!  You can just see President Trump in the back window.

We had our VBS Kickoff Party at church Sunday night.

We did a little bit of Math this week and Christian completed his MineCraft course on Code-a-Kid.

The boys are on their way home.  I can't wait to see them and hear all about their trip!!!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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