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Our Family

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Our Week in Review (December 31st-January 6th)

Happy New Year!

It is so hard to believe that 2018 is over and 2019 is here.  After today Christmas break for us is over and everything starts up again tomorrow.  I have spent my spare time this week trying to get ready for the new semester and working with the children on 4 H Record Books.  Record Books are a lot of work (it wouldn't be so bad if we were more organized and did them a little at at time) and I have 5 children turning them in this year (thankfully Emmie is still a Cloverbud, those are much easier.)  They have to be turned in by January 18th so we will be working on them through the next week or so.  I do have all the picture pages finished so now we just have to add 2018 and update stories.

We will have some changes in our curriculum for the new semester.  Anthony already changed a few weeks ago to Rod and Staff for Math.  I have also ordered this for Christian and it should be here some time this week.  We finished the first packet (26 lessons) of Bible Study Guide for All Ages and I wasn't sure if we would continue with that or do something else.  I decided to try the 10 Minute Bible Journey from Master Books so we will see how that works out.  We finished America's Story right before the break.  We will be starting The Mystery of History Vol 1.  I ordered the Folderbooks to go along with it and we are going to try it though I honestly am not sure how consistent we will be with getting those done, we will try it and see.  This evening I need to take a look at Nick and Alex's work and see where they are at in their classes.  Nick switches to 4th block for this semester at public school and will add Chemistry to his homeschool schedule.  Alex will add Biology 101 this semester.

This week we stayed at home almost everyday, which was nice.

Monday we babysat Liam while his mommy had an appointment.  For the first time he worked on building blocks by himself (he usually has lots of help) and then later was delighted when his Uncle Anthony built a giant tower for him.

For New Year's Eve we played games and watched movies.

We had large amounts of rain a few days this week that forced us to stay indoors.  The girls worked on their dolls they got for Christmas.  Lily finished hers and helped Emmie do some work on hers.

Christian and Anthony played Above and Below a game Anthony got for Christmas.  Anthony got a new Tinker Crate and put that together.

We Un-decorated (definitely not as much fun as decorating.)

It was so nice when the sun finally came out and we had temperatures in the 60's for the week-end.  We had to spend some time trying to clean out the horribly muddy mess in the goat pens.  Our goats were excited to find the stash of hay.  We sent Frank home.  Hoping to have some baby goats in the spring!

I made a big attempt to do a meal plan and set up a grocery list to do some meals I could get ready and put in the freezer, but when we got to Walmart on Friday they were having some issues and did not have any frozen or refrigerated foods available at all.  So we bought some non perishable items and are going to try to make it through this week on what we have at the house and attempt some freezer cooking after our next paycheck.

I am ready to be back in a routine, but at the same time wish we had a few more days off!

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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