Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

State Fair 2018

This year, we went up to the State Fair on Saturday night.  Goats could start arriving in the barns at 10:00 pm Saturday.  The Open Rabbit Show check in started at 7:00 am Sunday morning and we did not want to have to get up at 3:30 to load animals and children and head to the fair. After having to change hotels, get goats settled, and everyone ready for bed we didn't get to sleep until after 11:30 and had to get up at 5:30.  I still am glad we went Saturday night instead of Sunday and a few of the children found ways to get a little rest in the barn.

We have never taken rabbits to the State Fair before. This year Nick had two Mini Rex rabbits he wanted to show.  But, at the end of last week the male started having problems hopping and we have no idea why.  He didn't fall, nothing fell on him, and he has no visible wounds.  But he obviously was not in any shape to take to a show (and would've been disqualified anyway. ) We took the female Mini Rex. a Netherland Dwarf and a Mini Lop.  The Mini Lop was disqualified because it didn't have enough white in it to be considered broken in color.  Somehow we missed the Dwarf or it didn't show up on the show sheet.  The female Mini Rex placed 2nd. We were excited about that!

It finally stopped raining sometime during the Rabbit Show.  It was a long morning but we finished with  in time to eat lunch quickly and get the goats and Christian and Alex ready for Showmanship.  It was a muddy mess out there but we got them as clean as we could.

They did not place but practice is always good experience.

When that was over we took the children to ride rides.

Visit the petting zoo.

We got to see a Sea Lion show!

And stop by the FFA Barn.

By then we had been there more then 12 hours and were tired! So we headed back to the hotel.  We almost couldn't get the van out of the parking lot there was so much mud.
Emmie did NOT want to get up Monday morning

Up again early Monday morning to head back and feed and water goats and for the Market Goat Show.  It was pouring down rain!!! And cold!  Very cold!  And the temperature kept dropping. We froze in the arena watching the show!  I joked before we left about needing to take hats and gloves and we should have!  I was thankful we had goats that were in the lower weight classes so we were only there a few hours instead of all day.

Alex placed 7th in his class.

Christian did not place in his.

We would have loved to stay and see some things we didn't get to on Sunday, but we were so cold and wet we loaded up and headed home. I took the children back to the FFA Barn to try and warm up a little while Art went to get the van and the trailer.

Our dog was very happy when we picked her up from the doggy hotel.

The children had a great time and gained more experience showing their animals.  They are already talking about next year!  And hopefully the weather will be better or we will be more prepared.

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